Property & Facilities Management

Our Property and Facilities Management clients operate in a variety of building types including business and industrial parks, residential complexes, corporate headquarters and shopping centres.

We currently manage over 50 developments across counties Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and Galway, including

Handing over the management of your property to the experts can save you money, time and hassle by allowing you to dispense with tasks that divert your staff's time and energy from their principal functions.

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Property Management Services
for Owners

Residential and commercial developments require management services if they are to function correctly. A Management Company is therefore set-up and all common areas within the development are vested in this company.

Each owner of a unit in the development automatically becomes a member of this management company. Service charges are paid by the owners to this company for the correct day to day functioning of the development. The members select a Board of Directors, who in turn hire a manager (called a Managing Agent), such as Quinn Property Management, to fulfill agreed tasks.

The Managing Agent then administers the accounts of the Management Company and undertakes other tasks as agreed with the Board of Directors and is paid a portion of the service charges for fulfilling this role.

The role of the Managing Agent on your development depends on the contract that has been agreed with your Management Company. The service charges that you pay depend entirely on what you, as a member of the Management Company, agree at the A.G.M. should be paid each year to maintain the property.

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